Intricate, repeating lines allow imagination to soar
Winner of the Forward Arts Foundation's Emerging Artist Award for 2004, Grady Haugerud is presenting his first full-fledged solo show, "When I Close My Eyes," at Swan Coach House.
"Winter's Nest," combining drawing and painting on panel, characterizes his effort to capture a sense of the "chaos and harmony coexisting in nature." The drawing suggests a shelter composed of dried twigs, but the overall composition, rather than presenting a literal picture, prods the viewer's imagination and evokes unconscious associations.
This is how most of the works operate, but Haugerud's repetitive mark-making is elegant but endlessly varied. "In the Bower" resembles overlapping leaves, and "Good Feather" looks like, well, feathers, but the eyes and ovals of "Terrapin" bear only the slightest resemblance to the heads of land turtles.
Despite the botanical and zoological grounding of the overall series, the level of abstraction and occasional whimsy remind us that the exhibition is about, as Haugerud reminds us, "abstract inner vision," not about what we see around us.
"Do you see what I see?" is the question Haugerud poses in his artist's statement, and the answer, happily, is yes.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution 07.10.05

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