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Triple Threat
Inaugurating what independent curator Joey Orr hopes will be a yearly showcase for three emerging artists,TriplePoint at Art Spot (www.tubeartspot.com) through Dec. 6 features painters Travis T. Pack, Grady Haugerud and Ashley Benton. Orr, who has also curated the Shed Space series and the Saltworks Gallery Project Room, says TriplePoint is purposefully ambiguous. "I don't want to force a theme because they're nothing alike," he notes, although all three artists do mix-and-match art history with a wily abandon.
Typifying a certain local fascination with the collision of folk and graffiti culture, Pack's rag doll goblins mixed with conspiratorially folksy musings on diverse dangers like "Nicotine" and "Germs" are descendants of Jean-Michel Basquait and R.A. Miller. Pack's work shares a writing-on-the-wall spirit to the frenzied art also seen in Benton's sketches of clashing aesthetic references of Degas-meets-Picasso ballerinas and bulls. But TriplePoint's standout is self-taught Haugerud, whose ameboid abstractions on wood are the perfect channeling of Picasso cubism, the mid-century modern design craze and just a hint of anime.
Creative Loafing 11.13.02

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