Copyright© 2004-2005, GRADY HAUGERUD, ATLANTA, GEORGIA. All rights reserved.
I am a self- taught artist, using spontaneous drawing and painting as a way of channeling nature and liberating the creative energies of the unconscious mind.
Every day, I am delighted to experience the vast, never-ending beauty, and amazing complexities in Nature. I am fascinated by chaos and harmony coexisting in Nature. These elements join forces in my work.
When creating a drawing, the first marks come quickly and spontaneously. These marks are reflections from my surroundings…  my garden, the sky, insects, trees, rocks, animals and landscapes. After the first marks have found their place I return to the piece, adding fine shading and color. Every piece is an experiment. It takes on an evolution of its own.  By using a limited amount of materials and sometimes found objects, my artwork salvages its own prosperity.
The Abstract Expressionist, Surrealist, COBRA and Dada Movements have influenced me a great deal. Artist like Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, and Joan Miro have inspired me in many ways, their work impulses me to create art myself.