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Club Soda Will Get It Out: ArtSpot gallery in the Old Fourth Ward is currently hosting a terrific show called Triplepoint. The invitation defines triple point as the temperature and pressure at which the solid, liquid and gaseous phases of a substance exist in equilibrium. Despite that implicit promise of gas and liquid art, everything on display was solid. If you venture over ArtSpot's way, I suggest that you head straight up to the catwalk and check out Grady Haugerud's abstract painting/drawing (not sure what it was really) on wood. I'm not sure how to describe it other than "gorgeous" and "amazing." I'm apparently not the only one with that problem. Saturday night, I witnessed one guy walk up to Haugerud, declare his love and then describe/compliment his work as, "sort of faux-minimalism -- but not really."
Creative Loafing 11.13.02

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