Outside the Lines
Art on the Edge in Atlanta
Retro-modern approach by Haugerud fits venue
WHAT IS: Grady Haugerud's "New and Selected" paintings are on view at City Issue, the retro modernist store on Peachtree Street.
BACKGROUND: When it comes to the look of American homes post-WW II, City Issue captures the ground retro and knowing irony. Haugerud's hippy contemporary mix of cartoonish figures and mid-20 century abstraction is the perfect complement to City Issue's furnishings.
THE MESSAGE: Haugerud, who has just received the 2004 Forward Arts Foundation Emerging Artist award, creates paintings with mis-50's color and all-over patterning, but with a 21st century twist. His toothy abstracted critters have the feel of today's era of serious irony, but the paintings themselves are often homages to Picasso and Pollock. Many are white on white, another homage to mid-century modernism.
WHO SHOULD GO: Haugerud appeals to more than one generation, just like City Issue itself. And no matter how good it looks with retro design, you don't need to decorate with Danish modern to like this art. This is his first solo show and a chance to get at the full range of his work before the Forward Arts exhibition propels him into the limelight.
AJC AccessAtlanta 06.06.04

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